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WKU Board Of Regents Considers Tuition Hike



The Western Kentucky University Board of Regents will vote Friday on a proposal to raise tuition by 4 percent in the upcoming school year. That would equal about $200 more per semester for resident and undergraduate students. Online course fees would also increase by  $50 per credit hour.

Tuition and fees account for more than half of WKU’s budget. Student Regent Stephen Mayer says he feels the university is balancing the budget on the backs of students.

"I think we could look in other areas to fill the gaps in the budget because I think we're quick to say 'We'll just increase tuition and that will cover all of the deficit we're currently facing," he says.

Mayer says he thinks retention rates at colleges and universities would be better if higher education was more affordable. WKU has struggled in recent years to retain students and the school expects enrollment to be down by several hundred students in the fall. Fewer students and increased operating costs have forced the university to eliminate some programs and positions on campus totaling about $27 million.

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