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Summer Vacations And Fourth Of July Holiday Could Lead To Uptick In COVID-19 Cases

Stu Johnson

The Lexington community is seeing an increase in coronavirus cases.  Reflecting an uptick in COVID-19 cases statewide, Fayette Health Department Spokesman Kevin Hall said cases in Lexington have gone from five-to-seven new cases a day to about a dozen.

So, although nothing like the new cases exceeding a hundred at the end of 2020, Hall admitted the trend could continue. “We have more people traveling.  We’ve got people coming in and out from vacation times.  In a few weeks, we’ll probably see the number creep up because of the Fourth of July.  People didn’t get a chance to celebrate last year.  This is the first major holiday since the restrictions have been fully lifted,” said Hall. 

Hall noted the mass vaccination sites were closed when those wanting to get a shot fell substantially.  But, there are still many places to get vaccinated.   “It’s physicians’ offices.  It’s your neighborhood pharmacies.  And that’s really important because these are the people that you see every time that you need medical help.  So, these are the doctors, the nurses, the pharmacy techs, the pharmacist.  The people you trust with your regular everyday health,” explained Hall. 

The health department official said 74% of Fayette County’s total population 12-years-old and up has gotten at least a first dose of vaccine.  Hall added that ranks Fayette third in the state behind Woodford and Franklin Counties. 

Fayette County Health Department Spokesman Kevin Hall Talks About Recent COVID-19 cases and vaccinations

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