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This Sunday marks a deadline for FAFSA registration for this summer

EKU Director of Central Student Services Zac Lewis
Stu Johnson
EKU Director of Central Student Services Zac Lewis

This Sunday marks a deadline for applying for Federal student aid. This particular Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA carries a relatively narrow focus at Eastern Kentucky University.

EKU Director of Central Student Services Zac Lewis said the vast majority of students at Eastern receive some form of student aid. Lewis noted the FAFSA application deadline this weekend pertains to the period ending in July. He added it often comes into play for grad students taking summer classes.

“And if they’re starting in the summer, they want to start using last year’s aid eligibility before they start using this upcoming year’s aid eligibility,” said Lewis.

Lewis said several hundred students take summer courses. He said it may be in a make-up fashion to maintain time to degree. Lewis said there remains a bit of work to facilitate FAFSA applications for this fall, next spring, and next summer.

“It has been a bit of a whirlwind because we thought we were going to be able to collect that information and then apply it and get official updates to that student’s record. However, even that process has been delayed,” said Lewis.

Lewis said the information has been gathered on Eastern’s side and it amounts to a week’s worth of logging that information once it becomes available to EKU staff.

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