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Tree falls on Mercer County home, killing one and injuring another

In Harrodsburg, high winds late Sunday evening tore part of the roof off this business.
Brad Cox
Mercer Emergency Management
In Harrodsburg, high winds late Sunday evening tore part of the roof off this business.

At least four fatalities have been attributed to storms that roared through Kentucky Sunday. One of those was in Mercer County. Mercer Emergency Management Director Brad Cox said the first wave came through a little after noon with 70 mile per hour winds that knocked down trees and power lines and left nearly 300 homes without power. The second came around 11 p.m.

“Unfortunately, we did have one tree fall on a house. And we did have one person injured without life-threatening injuries that was transported to the hospital. And then one person passed away from their injuries at the scene.”

Cox said many were asleep then, and he encouraged everyone to have multiple ways to be notified when bad weather approaches.

“You can't depend on the weather sirens, because they're designed to be heard outside and they're not designed to be heard inside your house. So you want to be able to have a weather radio or have mobile alerts text to your phone, and that type of stuff.”

Cox said at one point, about 2,000 homes were without power in Mercer County. By Monday at noon, that number was 100.

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