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Day 60, the final day of the Kentucky General Assembly, could still produce memorable votes

Kentucky State Capitol
Stu Johnson
Kentucky State Capitol

Members of the Kentucky House and Senate gather for the final day of the 2024 General Assembly Session today. There are issues that might be characterized as “in limbo.”

At the end of a very long 59th day of the session Friday, Senate President Robert Stivers answered some reporter questions. One pertained to final action on the so-called Momnibus maternal health legislation.

 “I think there will be movement on the issue,” said Stivers.

Proponents of the bill say the legislation addresses the Commonwealth’s high rate of maternal deaths following childbirth.

Regarding what his chamber might do with ‘open records modifications’, Stivers said simply, “don’t know.” And as far as the bill to change diversity, equity, and inclusion policies in higher education, the Senate leader noted it’s on the Orders of the Day.

Asked if he thought the governor would, if approved, veto the bill with no opportunity for legislative overriding, Stivers replied, ‘you’d have to ask him.’

Senate Bill One, deemed a priority, sets the framework for universities collaborating in research areas. It’s completed its journey to passage. The legislation doesn’t specify any state money for an endowment fund, which is the mechanism for supporting five pots of research. Stivers said that’s the strategy for now.

“As we go forward I think it then becomes something I would look at in the future to get the monies into the five respective tranches. But, I wanted to get the mechanism in place first,” said Stivers.

 Asked if the money might be allocated to support these five areas during next year’s session or the year after which is a budget session. Stivers responded it could be either year.

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