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Legislation seeks to connect Kentucky's Ohio River towns

House Committee Testimony of Bill to Establish the Kentucky Ohio River Regional Recreation Authority
Stu Johnson
House Committee Testimony of Bill to Establish the Kentucky Ohio River Regional Recreation Authority

Advancing economic development through recreational tourism is the aim of legislation passed during the closing days of the General Assembly session. The measure was approved in both Houses and establishes the Kentucky Ohio River Regional Recreation Authority. Maysville Mayor Debra Cotterill testified in favor of the bill.

“And we have several projects going on in Maysville right now, all connected to the River, including riverfront development. And I think this Authority would help not only Maysville but all of the towns along the River,” said Cotterill.

The Authority, once in place, would be expected to benefit some 25 Kentucky counties along the Ohio River. Louisville GOP Representative Ken Fleming said the idea is to have a connecting recreational trail run alongside the River.

“Having a trail that will go on the waterway as well as on the ground provides a real interesting dynamic, if somebody wants to go the whole way…cause you look at the Appalachian Trail. I know people who walk and walk and walk. Well this could be the same thing,” said Fleming.

Fleming said it would allow hikers and boaters to experience all the heritage of river towns. Newport Democratic Representative Rachel Roberts noted there had been a big uptick in Campbell County of kayak sports, sculling, and crew. She added there are cities across the River that don’t have access.

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