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Voter roll maintenance legislation advances to the Kentucky Senate floor

file photo-Voting in Lexington
Stu Johnson
file photo-Voting in Lexington

Fisherville GOP Representative John Hodgson says gains are being made to clean up Kentucky’s voting rolls. Hodgson is sponsoring legislation that, among other things, aims to confirm the number of voters living at a particular address. He said thousands of names of deceased voters have been removed from voting rolls. Hodgson said the concern would be of someone casting a vote on behalf of a deceased person.

“Particularly when you get into things like…we don’t have mail-in ballots in Kentucky but we do have absentee ballots..you know it’s conceivable somebody could use a name that they know is not on…not a living person to try to cast a vote somewhere,” said Hodgson.

Michon Lindstrom is communications director in the Secretary of State’s Office. In response to this voter rolls question, she responded, “Secretary Adams believes there can always be further improvement of our election process. He has worked closely with Rep. Hodgson on this and other election integrity bills.”

More than 212,000 deceased voters have been removed from Kentucky’s voter rolls over the past four years.

Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer took the opportunity to express a concern with regional vote centers.

“How would you feel about an amendment that just completely eliminates the vote center model and goes back to the pre-COVID precinct voting level that give people more voter access?” asked Thayer.

Hodgson said he would be open to that discussion but added county clerks would likely want to weigh in on such a change. No legislation on eliminating community vote centers is moving in Frankfort.

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