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Kentucky Senate adopts resolution supportive of Texas governor in immigration policy

Standing left to right-Western Kentucky Senator Whitney Westerfield and Clark County Senator Greg Elkins
Stu Johnson
Standing left to right-Western Kentucky Senator Whitney Westerfield and Clark County Senator Greg Elkins

The Kentucky Senate has adopted its version of a resolution calling upon Governor Beshear to support Texas Governor Greg Abbott in securing the southern border. The matter came to the floor following the orders of the day, a period typically when non-controversial resolutions are called. GOP Sponsor Johnnie Turner of Harlan said there’s nothing more precious than rights to private property. He added, quote, “Texans have a right to that.”

“If they were crossing mine and your fences here in Kentucky and coming in in blanch, bringing the meth and all that, you would be upset and you would want help,” said Turner.

In expressing opposition to the immigration-related resolution, Democratic Louisville Senator Karen Berg said the people in the Senate, both elected and unelected, had the means today to fix the problem. She suggested that could occur by sending a message to the six U.S. representatives from Kentucky to vote yes on the Senate border bill.

Saying he expected to be the only Republican voting against the resolution, Christian County Senator Whitney Westerfield said the resolution wouldn’t change anything adding, Congress has become a dis-functional place.

“Some are trying to save the problem because it’s a political liability for a candidate they don’t like. It’s an advantageous message for a candidate they do like, which is particularly cruel. They’d rather have the problem so they can poke at somebody else and complain about it, instead of solving the problem,” said Westerfield.

Clark County GOP Senator Greg Elkins spoke about the millions of people who immigrated legally to the U.S. through Ellis Island. Northern Kentucky GOP Senator Gex Williams said his support of the resolution was partly for the people who own land on the border and are trying to make a living and raise a family. The Senate resolution was moved directly to the Senate floor and then approved on a voice vote. A similar resolution passed the House, but came through a committee.

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