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Kentucky Senate president holds informal talk with reporters

Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers meets with media at Goodwood Brewing and Spirits, the morning of 01-09-24
Stu Johnson
Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers meets with media at Goodwood Brewing and Spirits, the morning of 01-09-24

The leader of the Kentucky Senate held a casual roundtable type conversation with members of the media Tuesday. It was apparently a first for this kind of get-together.

Discussion during the meeting at Goodwood Brewing and Spirits in downtown Frankfort covered a wide variety of topics including the changing makeup in the legislature. A number of lawmakers, including some in leadership, have decided not to seek re-election. For Robert

 Stivers said he intends to serve at least five more years as president, but beyond that, he’s not predicting.

 “If you don’t enjoy this and take it seriously, both, you shouldn’t be here and I do both. I enjoy it and I take it seriously.”

 Stivers said there’s more intermingling of lawmakers in differing political parties off the floor in Kentucky, compared to Washington, so there are more opportunities to get along.

Topics included abortion, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and increased conversations with Governor Beshear. Stivers was also asked about political caucus direction. And he said outside influences can be of concern, citing political extremes.

“But, you get extremism and that’s not really good. You can’t compromise your principal but government was never meant and if you go back and you read all the things that Washington and Madison and Jefferson and all of them. I think they were really worried, our framers.”

Stivers said there’s often natural friction between political parties, legislative chambers, and even within party caucuses. He said that can include the press and government officials. And Stivers cited that as a reason to offer up this type of format at a downtown business.

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