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Triple A of the Bluegrass looking for some of the biggest Thanksgiving holiday travel numbers in two decades

AAA-Isai Hernandez via canva.com

Triple A is predicting Thanksgiving holiday travel this week may be the third-highest figure since 2001. About 16% of Kentucky’s population is expected to take a journey.

The vast majority of Kentuckians on the move this week will probably do so by car. Gasoline prices are projected to be more than 30 cents less than last Thanksgiving. Lori Weaver Hawkins of Triple-A Bluegrass said battery and tire checks are priorities. And Weaver Hawkins said don’t get caught up in poor driving experiences.

“Don’t worry about somebody else’s bad behavior. Someone tailgates you…move over…let them go on their way. Don’t engage and escalate a situation certainly,” said Weaver Hawkins

And Weaver Hawkins offered a reminder about lessening distractions. She said that can include too much vehicle technology coming at drivers.

One pre-trip car maintenance suggestion is to check the battery and tires. And Weaver-Hawkins said it’s more than just the tread on tires.

“Tires with property pressure not only help you to stay safe and grip the road well, but that also helps you get the most out of every gallon of gas. And of course, we all want to do that,” said Weaver Hawkins.

As tradition has it, this Wednesday is anticipated to be the busiest day on roadways and in the air.

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