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WEKU stands with NPR and ends content sharing on Twitter


WEKU has decided to no longer publish any content on the social media platform after Twitter falsely labeled NPR as “state-affiliated media.” It’s a term Twitter applies to propaganda outlets in countries without a free press, a guaranteed right in the United States.

Twitter then changed its label of NPR to “Government-funded media” which is also inaccurate and misleading. NPR receives less than 1% of its funding from Federal sources including grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Twitter’s mislabeling of NPR is an attack on independent journalism, the very principle that defines public media. This attack also undermines the credibility of the platform. There are still plenty of ways to stay connected and keep up with WEKU stories and content including Facebook,the WEKU mobile App and WEKU.org.

A vital part of what makes it possible for us to uphold the non-negotiable values of independent journalism is donations from people like you.

If you'd like to show your support, please donate. Thank you.

Mike Savage joined WEKU in 2018 as Director & General Manager. He has worked in public radio for 30 years and has managed public radio stations in Georgia, Illinois and Indiana. In his current role as WEKU Director & General Manager, Mike directs station operations, programming, news and fundraising.
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