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Central Kentucky church involved in temporary Ukrainian immigration program

Ukrainian Flag
Ukrainian Flag

The clock is ticking for Ukrainians who came to America under a program called United for Ukraine – or U 4 U. Victor Selepina of the Ukrainian Pentecostal Church in Lexington is in the process of sponsoring two families under U 4 U, which would allow them to stay in the U.S. for two years. He said his church has been doing the same for more than 100.

“I just wish there was a little more clarity on what’s next. Because people – two years is not a long time, at the same time, it’s not two months either. In two years, a lot of things can happen, a lot of things can change, and people do want to establish themselves.”

U-4-U was designed to be a temporary program and requires that people, or organizations, sponsor them financially.

“They’re all hoping that they’re either going to be able extend it or they can sort of refile or resubmit it to a permanent stay here in the United States, which is probably the latter case – most of the families, they do want to stay here.”

Selepina said one Ukrainian family already here is split – the children want to go home one day, and the parents want to stay here.

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