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Severe thunderstorms expected to bring high winds across central Kentucky Tuesday evening

severe weather
National Weather Service
Severe weather chart for 11/29/22

Central Kentucky could see some severe weather this evening. Forecasters are calling for potentially strong and severe thunderstorms across the region. The National Weather Service in Louisville says the storm is bringing cooler air into the area.

Clifford Goff is a meteorologist with the NWS. He said high winds are the biggest concern going into this evening.

“There is a lot of wind energy aloft, the way thunderstorms are, that convective activity can bring those winds down to the surface, that is the most likely threat this evening. There still is a lesser chance of hail and possibly a tornado or two.”

The timing of the incoming storm has some people worried because of what happened in western Kentucky last year. He said while there is a possibility for tornadoes, this will not be the same.

“This is a much different event. There’s a lot less moisture available, instability is much less. The event that took place last year, was, I guess, once in several decades, if not a lifetime, type of event. This is nowhere near that.”

Goff said this system should weaken as it moves east. He says storms like this happen around this time of year as the seasons begin to transition from fall into winter, similarly, to spring shifting into summer.

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