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Workers strike for better pay and more breaks at ACA call center in London, KY


The period for open enrollment for coverage with the Affordable Care Act started on Tuesday. However, workers in Kentucky and other states who would be answering the phones walked off the job. Over six-hundred workers at Maximus call centers in Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Virginia went on strike.

Clinton Sams works for the Maximus Federal call center in London, Kentucky. In an interview with WEKU, he said, one of the workers’ demands is for more break time during their shifts.

“For many of us, especially for Medicare employees, we get around the clock calls from the time we clock in, to the time we leave, with very few breaks to mitigate some of the calls.”

He said the workload can be particularly heavy during open enrollment.

“Especially when dealing with people that are having to enroll whole families. They’ll call in and enroll all four or five family members and next thing you know; they’ll get another call that can go on. This can last, each individual call can go on for half hour, to an hour at times.”

Sams said the constant flow of calls can take a toll on workers, especially when discussing the passing of loved ones with customers. Workers are also asking for an increase in pay.

Representatives from Maximus said in a statement -quote “Maximus provides reasonable and flexible break policies. Employees can request bathroom breaks at any time and employees who work 8 hours can take two 15-minute rest breaks in addition to their half hour lunch break.”-end quote.

The company also said they would talk to employees about their concerns.

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