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As holidays approach, health officials want to educate Kentuckians about diabetes


As the holiday season approaches, some people begin to worry about their health. The Madison County Health Department is getting the word out about a problem impacting many Kentuckians. Reports show one-in-seven adult Kentuckians have diabetes.

Margaret Maupin-Story is a dietician and diabetes educator. She said people need to be on the lookout for symptoms.

“Very thirsty, urination, they get tired because the higher the blood sugar, the thicker the blood and so it’s not flowing as quickly. They get sleepy, they’ll eat a meal and then they’ll sit down and go to sleep,” Maupin-Story said.

She added that there are things people can do to help stay healthy.

“Get their annual checkup with their physician, my physician does an A-1C on me every year. Maintain an average weight for height, develop good eating habits, get physical activity to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Maupin-Story said the Madison County Health Department offers classes and diabetes support groups for anyone interested in learning more about the disease and how to care for those diagnosed.

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