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Kentucky Supreme Court ruling keeps abortion bans in place


Kentuckians who believe abortions should be illegal in the Commonwealth got welcomed news from the State Supreme Court Thursday. The state’s highest court ruled that abortion bans will stay in place, rejecting a request for emergency relief from the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. Kentucky Right to Life Director Addia Wuchner was at a booth at the State Fair when she got the news.

“When I received the call from the attorney general’s office, they had of course just received the ruling and we’re ecstatic because at this moment no abortions that will be taking place in Kentucky and there will continue to be no abortions taking place in Kentucky,” said Wuchner.

Oral arguments on the merits of the case are scheduled for mid-November before the Kentucky Supreme Court. That will fall after a voter referendum on an abortion-related constitutional amendment. Wucher said that vote will not end the debate about abortion, but put it solely before lawmakers.

A statement from leaders of Planned Parenthood and the ACLU reads in part, “Abortion is not only health care but also a critical individual freedom. Make no mistake: abortion bans result in tragic health outcomes and are a form of control over our bodies.”

It continues, “We will proceed with our case to restore and protect reproductive freedom in Kentucky. Politicians and the government should never have the authority to force a person to remain pregnant against their will.” The two organizations also stated they will continue efforts to help women find out-of-state services.

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