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Eastern Kentucky waterways remain higher than normal almost a week after major flood event

Stu Johnson
North Fork of the Kentucky River at Jackson on 07-30-22

Although there has been a receding of water levels in flood-damaged areas in eastern Kentucky, many waterways are still much higher than a typical August day. That’s according to Philomon Geertson with the Jackson National Weather Service Office. And Geertson said river and creek visibility is limited.

“The other thing right now that we’re seeing is a lot of turbidity in the waters. So, usually this time of year the water’s fairly clear, but with all the recent rainfall, much of our waterways are still filled with a lot of muddy water. It’s hard to see anything in it,” said Geertson.

Governor Beshear reported Thursday Kentucky State Police now have two people on a missing person list. While that’s a major reduction, the governor said it doesn’t mean there aren’t any others still unaccounted for. Rain activity is expected in the region Friday, but Geertson noted it’s not likely to cause any major additional flooding.

“Over the weekend, activity should be scattered to even isolated in nature, especially when it comes to any high-water issues. So I would not expect a similar setup to what we just saw,” said Geertson.


Geertson said, typically, rivers are running near their lowest level at this time of year and then run the highest in winter into spring.

Stu has been reporting for WEKU for more than 30 years.
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