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Lexington hospital official: Covid patient numbers relatively low

UK Hospital-UK Public Relations

The positivity rate for coronavirus across Kentucky has been on the rise over the last month. Fortunately, that has not translated into a substantial increase in hospitalizations. Ashley Montgomery-Yates is chief medical officer of inpatient services at University of Kentucky Hospital. She said vaccinations coupled with previous COVID cases are key factors when it comes to hospitalization.

“If this had been the positivity rate with Delta or Omicron we would have seen more people in the hospital. But, I think we’ve got more immunity out in the community now and so people are not as sick,” said Montgomery-Yates.

The hospital's daily report showed 13 COVID patients at UK hospital. Montgomery-Yates noted back in January the Lexington healthcare facility saw its largest daily patient number at 192. She added part of hospitalization numbers are reflected in length of stay.

“Not being able to breathe is very anxiety-provoking and we don’t like to send people home. You know, if you’ve broken your leg and you can’t walk, well that’s ok I can kind of send you home. But, if you can’t breathe, that’s not good, right? So, they’re required a longer hospitalization period than some of our other patients did,” said Montgomery-Yates.

She said hospitalizations for coronavirus at UK are the same as most viral illnesses right now.

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