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Group pushing to expand student interest in KY equine industry


Kentucky thoroughbreds will be the star of the show this weekend at the Kentucky Derby.

In Lexington, there is an effort underway to increase diversity in the thoroughbred racing industry. The Legacy Equine Academy was founded in 2016. Its goal is to help encourage students to pursue degrees in equine agriculture, natural resources, and environmental sciences.

Academy founder and CEO Ron Mack said kids should know about the history and connection of Black horsemen and the industry today.

“We have set out to give kids exposure and access on many different levels to the industry. Whether it be horse farm tours, or on-site visits, we also have internships and co-ops and things of that nature.”

Mack said he not only wants to expand interest in the equine industry, but he wants people to become more comfortable taking part in the business.

“To give the opportunity to give access and exposure to those related industries to people who are interested but have just not felt comfortable in that particular industry in the way of employment, in the way of just enjoying it as a lifestyle.”

Mack says they work with middle and high school students in Lexington and Louisville.

You can hear more from Ron Mack about the Legacy Equine Academy on Eastern Standard.

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