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Mid-week weather system could bring tornados to western Kentucky

Paducah Weather Station

Portions of central Kentucky could see severe storms late Wednesday into the overnight with the potential for an isolated tornado. The bigger threat lies in western Kentucky. Greg Meffert is the lead forecaster for the National Weather Service in Paducah. Meffert said attention is being given from Louisiana to the Great Lakes. And western Kentucky counties that are still dealing with the aftermath of December’s storms could experience tornadic conditions.

“Still a lot of trauma around here. Still a lot of destruction. People are still trying to recover. There’s a lot of post-traumatic stress disorder going on around here and so, everyone is very much on edge. As you can understand why,” said Meffert.

Meffert stressed it’s not a cut-and-dry situation. The lead forecaster said there is some uncertainty about the risks associated with this event.

“There’s going to be a lot of cloudiness. There could be a lot of showers. There could be some things that clutter the field ahead of the precipitation potential, as far as the tornado severe potential. It could muddle things up a bit,” said Meffert.

But, Meffert noted that’s hard to know now. Kentuckians are being encouraged to have a severe weather plan in place.

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