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State Capitol

Western Kentucky Senator Would Like To See Budget Vote Sooner

kentucky legislative research commission

Western Kentucky Senator Whitney Westerfield would like to see a different approach to passing a state budget. 

The Hopkinsville GOP member noted there would be benefits to tackling the $12 billion measure off the top of a session, instead of near the end of the period. 

In addition to having more time to grasp details and communicate to constituents, it would lessen the ‘big stick’ effect of the state budget. 

“It’s a lever that’s used for the good and the bad on three dozen other bills or seven dozen other bills that are floating around.  Because then the budget becomes pressure to get this done or to stop this from moving forward or what have you.  Both chambers do it.  Both parties do it,” said Westerfield. 

Westerfield, who chairs the Judiciary Committee, said passage of a bill to eliminate the automatic transfer of juvenile criminal cases to circuit court was one of his priorities.  The Christian County senator said a failure to pass a prohibition for the death penalty for those suffering from five different severe mental illnesses was disappointing.

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