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Kentucky Legislature Tackles Surge In Prescription Insulin Costs

Stu Johnson

Many diabetics across Kentucky would experience less sticker shock when it comes to buying insulin under a bill making its way through the general assembly. 

The Kentucky Senate adopted its version of the House bill Friday.  Berea Senator Jared Carpenter said too many citizens had faced very difficult decisions.  “Many of my constituents and all of the constituents of this body have had many months where they pay several hundred dollars for their insulin and they’re unable to attain it because they have to decide if they’re going to buy their insulin or pay their electric bill, or pay their rent, or pay their house payment,” said Carpenter. 

The Senate modified legislation caps the cost-sharing requirements for prescription insulin at $35 for a 30-day period.   Pikeville Senator Phillip Wheeler voted for the bill but did express some reservation.  The eastern Kentucky lawmaker said it’s a good start to the conversation but added the legislation doesn’t affect all people on all health care plans. 

Now, the bill must go back to the House to consider Senate changes. 

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