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First Term Kentucky Senator Offers Reflects On First Half Of 2021 Session


First term Kentucky Senator Adrienne Southworth says the first half of the 2021 general assembly session has gone about how she expected. The Lawrenceburg republican filled the Senate seat held by former Governor Julian Carroll.

Her chamber and the 100 member House approved what’s been termed a “skeleton” budget bill early in the session.  Leaders said the aim was to get a bill into conference where consensus could be reached.  During the roll call vote in the state senate, Southworth said she wasn’t clear about what was in the budget bill and so she passed.  “And if I don’t even know what’s in there or not, man it’s the last thing I need to sign off on.  So, I said, forget this.  That definitely deserved a pass vote,” said Southworth. 

Lawmakers will be given another chance to vote on a final budget bill.

Southworth said she appreciates the opportunity to explain votes on the floor.  The central Kentucky lawmaker said that’s a way for constituents to know why their senator voted as he or she did. 

Here's more with first term Kentucky Senator Adrienne Southworth:


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