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Kentucky Legislature Passes COVID-19 Relief Measure

Both houses of the Kentucky General Assembly passed what’s been termed COVID-19 relief legislation Thursday evening.  It was the final vote in the state senate before lawmakers adjourned until next Wednesday. 

The measure, worked out between House and Senate members, was detailed by Clark County Senator and Doctor Ralph Alvarado. “I know there’s many people who will hear this bill who will think that they’ve missed an opportunity, that there’s more that needs to be done.  In the next week’s ahead, there is still an opportunity Mr. President for us to continue to act on this.  Things evolve day to day on this and I’m sure there will be more needs.  We still have a few days remaining in this session.  There will be an opportunity for us to address further on this.”

The legislation paves the way for expanded use of telehealth in addressing the coronavirus crisis.

Included in the many provisions of the bill is legislative authority given to the governor for utilizing expected federal unemployment insurance dollars as outlined by Senate President Pro Tem David Givens.  “We have a sizeable amount of money that the state is expecting to come down from the federal government related to unemployment insurance along with the loosening of requirements related to unemployment insurance.  As those monies come down the governor has to have authority granted solely by us to utilize these funds,” explained Givens.

Givens also told members the bill waives any interest or penalties for income tax filings, now that the deadline has been extended to mid-July.

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