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Bevin Predicts The GOP Will Maintain Majority In State Legislature

Stu Johnson

Gov. Matt Bevin believes last week’s election results are an indication of a future long-term political leaning across Kentucky.  The governor made his comments following a keynote address to county government leaders meeting in Lexington.

The governor’s appearance before the Kentucky Association of Counties comes a week after voters cast ballots to maintain a strong GOP majority in the state House and Senate.  Bevin says it will stay that way for decades. “This is a state that has gone from blue to red.  It has.  And it’s not going to go back at the state level,” Bevin noted.

Bevin says the governor’s seat may come and go as it relates to a political party.  He told county officials a broader more modern tax structure and additional pension reforms remain priorities of his. 

On taxes, the governor says a higher gas tax is required to repair and build new roads and bridges.  “The people of Kentucky can handle it.  This idea that we can’t possibly ask them to pay more.  Nonsense, the reality is we live in a world where people have to pay for the things they want.  And if we want better roads and we want better bridges and we want to fix and maintain the things we have, then we have got to pay for it,” said Bevin.

The governor says whether or not tax changes can be done next year remains a question mark.

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