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Fall School Sports Events To Be County By County Decisions


The status of fall school sports is expected to be a county-by-county decision in the weeks ahead.  When asked about it, Kentucky High School Athletic Association Commissioner Julian Tackett responded, “We’re in the middle of an escalation in a pandemic, but we’re going to play on time, depending on local conditions.”

Tackett went on to say he didn’t think there can be a statewide approach. “In all honesty, you’ll see differences every year in different things.  But, especially during a pandemic it’s going to be different in some tickets.  Some health departments are going to be more or less aggressive than others.  The thing about local control is it’s not very pretty.  It’s not very symmetrical. They’ve got to make some tough decisions,” Tackett explained. 

Tackett said with more than a year of coronavirus activity, school officials along with those in local health departments, have experience in making decisions about competition.  He noted the first high school football games are scheduled for August 20th.  

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