Kentucky Man, Transgender Wife Sue Amazon for Workplace Discrimination

Aug 10, 2017

A Kentucky man and his transgender wife are suing online retailer Amazon alleging workplace discrimination.  

They’re claiming violations of a number of federal and state laws.  

Dan Lane and Allegra Schawe-Lane filed suit against Amazon in US District Court Wednesday
Credit Allegra Schawe-Lane Facebook

Allegra Shawe Lane and her husband Dane worked at an Amazon shipping facility in Northern Kentucky for about a year beginning in late 2014.

The couple claim they faced cruel and persistent discrimination after co-workers learned that Ms. Shawe-Lane is transgender.

Jillian Weiss of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, says the couple feared for their lives after someone apparently tampered with their car.

“They were driving home and said, ‘The brakes aren’t working so well.’  They went to the mechanic and found that the brake line had intentionally been severed.”

Dane Lane says they’re suing because they want justice.

“They’re supposed to be LGBT friendly but there is no training on sensitivity, especially for the trans community.  They promoted some of these people that threatened to kill us and harm us.”

Lane says he and his wife are still suffering detrimental effects from the treatment they received while working for Amazon. 

“I want to know that this can never and will never happen to another transgender person or family, their friends or loved ones while working at Amazon,” commented Ms. Schawe-Lane.

Amazon is known for supporting gay and transgender rights but this couple says, on the shop floor, managers looked the other way.

Amazon isn’t commenting on the case.