Eastern KY Official Recounts Experience During 2021 Winter Storms

Feb 19, 2021

Credit kentucky.gov

Residents in a number of eastern Kentucky counties have been dealing with power outages for the better part of a week now. 

In Carter County, Emergency Management Director Jeremy Rodgers said, at one point, 93% of the county was without electricity.  He said it’s probably down to 40 to 50% today.  Water service was knocked out and Rodgers said there are plans to discuss long-term backup power when the current emergency fades. “You plan and plan but there are always those things that don’t come to mind.  Losing an entire water system has not really ever happened in this county, but this time it did and that’s made us realize there are some other things that we need to get into place,” said Rodgers. 

Rodgers noted area utility crews with the help of teams from other states have been working 20-hour days to mend wiring.  And the emergency management director said churches and businesses have stepped up in a huge way to help those in need.   “We can’t say enough.  I mean the other churches have kicked in and local businesses have kicked in and fed those people and taken care of the biggest chunk of those needs,” noted Rodgers.

At the peak, Rodgers added probably about 120 people gathered in one shelter. 

Here's more with Carter County Emergency Management Director Jeremy Rodgers:

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