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Addams Family's "Cousin Itt" in town for weekend events

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Baby boomers and re-run watchers probably know The Addams Family best from the black and white TV series of the 1960's.  As luck would have it, one of the original characters from that series is also in town this weekend.

In his continuing coverage of All Things Addams, John Hingsbergen had an opportunity to chat with the original “Cousin Itt”...or at least the actor inside the furry costume, Felix Silla.

Felix Silla, who is three-foot-eleven by the way, is in town for the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention.

The original “Cousin Itt” and the actor who portrayed “Lurch” in the two Addams Family films, will be part of a “talkback” family reunion on-stage immediately after the Friday night production at the Opera House.

Both of the actors will be at the Comic & Toy Convention at Heritage Hall of the Convention Center throughout the weekend.

Information about the Addams Family musical at the Opera House is online at lexington opera house dot com.

The man inside the furry "Cousin Itt" costume, Felix Silla.

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