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Madison County election officials prepare to open more voting centers Tuesday

Madison County voters line up to cast early ballots at the Madison County Public Library voting center.
Samantha Morrill
Madison County voters line up to cast early ballots at the Madison County Public Library voting center.

Early voting in Madison County was busy and election officials expect Tuesday will be about the same. There is no voting on Monday while five more voting centers are set up around the county.

The first floor of the Madison County Public Library will reopen for voters to cast ballots on Election Day.

Madison County Clerk Kenny Barger said they chose the library for a very specific reason.

“There are two bus routes in Richmond. If folks don’t have transportation, they can get to this center on a Foothills bus. That’s why we chose this center to be downtown,” said Barger.

Barger encouraged people with personal vehicles to go to voting centers that are not central to public transportation. Madison County voters can cast ballots in their precinct races at any of the eight voting centers on Election Day.

To keep lines moving, Barger asked that voters have their IDs in hand, ready to check in.

“Because there are people behind you that are waiting. And when you come in, please be prepared. Madison County Clerk dot US, sample ballots are on there. There’s one constitutional amendment on here that’s 900 words. You do not have time to read that constitutional amendment while you’re here in the booth,” said Barger.

Barger explained that Amendment 2 is shorter, but the wording can be confusing. He said it's best to know how you’re going to vote before you get to the booth.

By the end of voting on Saturday, more people had cast ballots early than they did over all four days of voting in the Primary Election.

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