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Rep. Guthrie Urges Congress to Act Fast to Provide Financial Relief


Kentucky’s second district congressman says Main Street is hurting as the federal government considers its next legislative response to the coronavirus. As Lisa Autry reports, Republican Brett Guthrie of Bowling Green is urging Congress to act swiftly as it considers a third relief package.

Congress has already approved bills funding additional access to COVID-19 tests and mandatory paid sick leave for workers. Now, lawmakers are considering how to help struggling industries fend off bankruptcies and layoffs. The House is in recess, and since being back home, Guthrie says he’s heard from several business owners, including one in Elizabethtown who makes Easter dresses.

“He said people aren’t going to church on Easter, they aren’t going to buy Easter dresses. The reason this isn’t a bailout, if you look at 2008, the people who received bailout money were people who made reckless investments in big banks and almost brought down the economy. This is really a Main Street issue," said Guthrie.

In addition to direct financial aid, Congress is considering a loan program for small businesses. Meanwhile, the Treasury Department is also calling for 250-billion-dollars in direct payments to Americans starting next month.

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