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Kentucky League of Women Voters President Backs Proposals To Boost Voter Turnout

Kentucky League of Women Voters President Fran Wagner believes more can be done at all levels of government to help boost voter participation.  Wagner participated in a national league event this past weekend in Washington.

The “For the People Act” is a piece of federal legislation that includes voter access with campaign finance provisions.  Wagner said state policymakers could consider everything from extending voting hours on Election Day to flexibility in voting locations. “Allowing people to vote at different locations.  If you’ve moved, you show up at the wrong place.  You can’t vote and they’re sending you to another place and so on.  And it doesn’t have to be that way,” said Wagner.

Wagner said an effort is being made to encourage more first-time candidates.  Wagner, who was elected League President this past spring, said that includes asking more women to consider a run for office. 

“I do think women do bring, and I’m generalizing here obviously, there are many exceptions, but I think very often we can bring a view that allows us to work with other people whom we might not agree with and compromise,” explained Wagner.

Wagner said the League is working to set up a voter call-in line this fall to get information on candidates for constitutional offices.  She said gubernatorial debates are proposed for locations in Lexington and Louisville.

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