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Fayette County Clerk: High Voter Registration Doesn’t Always Equal High Voter Turnout


The November general election is less than a month away and Monday is the last day to register to vote.  In Fayette County, Clerk Don Blevins says interested citizens have until 4:30pm to sign up at his downtown office. Blevins says applications sent via mail must be postmarked Monday. He says his office has received a large number of voter registration cards. 

“We're seeing a lot of cards coming in from various groups that are doing voter registration drives.  I don't think that will affect the overall amount of registered voters in Fayette County.  Generally speaking, most people are already registered through their driver's license.  We may see a few particularly young adults that are just turning 18.  But other than that, I think most everybody is ready to go," said Blevins.

Blevins predicts about a 50 % voter turnout in Fayette County for the November 4th election.   Blevins adds however, voter registration does not determine the outcome of any race.  "The biggest effect on the outcome of an election is simply this.  Who turns out to vote?  When you're talking about a 50 % turnout in this particular election cycle, there's many votes left on the table there that could easily sway an election one way or another.  So what it really comes down to, is not who's registered, it's who votes," added Blevins.

For those planning to be out of town on Election Day, Blevins says Monday is also the first day to cast a ballot for the November 4thelection.  He says the deadline for filing for an absentee ballot is October 28th.

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