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Eastern Standard Jan. 25, 2024

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As Republicans and Democrats in the Kentucky legislature offer wildly differing proposals for universal pre-K, education series host Brigitte Blom gets the stakes from early childhood care and education expert Dan Wuori.

David Phemister, head of the Nature Conservancy-KY, helps us wrap our minds around what it means to place 55,000 acres of forest under a conservation easement.

Some of the dashboard apps in new cars are being used as tracking devices by abusive partners. Adam Dodge explores the misuse of this otherwise helpful technology.

What’s it like to be in a driverless, robot taxi? Reggie Van Stockum caught one in San Francisco and takes us along for the ride.

Tom Martin hosts Eastern Standard, a weekly radio magazine of interviews and stories about interesting people, places, and things happening in the Commonwealth.
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