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Eastern Standard Preview for June 30, 2022

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Eastern Standard

Preparations are underway at Blue Grass Army Depot in Madison Co. for the elimination of Sarin Gas projectiles. How it’s done and, although said to be very remote, what we need to know in the event of an accidental release into the open atmosphere. | A web-based effort to persuade young Eastern Kentuckians to join the battle against the disease that has ravaged their hometowns: cancer. A conversation with Dr. Nathan Vanderford at the Markey Cancer Center. | The emerging science of Neurogastronomy. It's all about food, smell and taste, why some of us like certain foods while others don’t, how science can harness these traits to prepare for a planet of 10-billion people by 2050 and why it’s all based at the University of Kentucky. | “You want to sell me what?” A story of entrepreneurial vision: High Bridge Spring Water at 40.

Tom Martin is the host of Eastern Standard, a weekly radio magazine of interviews and stories about interesting people, places, and things happening in the Commonwealth.