• Producer/Announcer

    Brian is the voice of WEKU's Midday programming.  Brian began working at WEKU in 2017 while studying Journalism at Eastern Kentuky University

  • Reporter

     Cheri is a broadcast producer, anchor, reporter, announcer and talk show host with over 25 years of experience. For three years, she was the local host of Morning Edition on WMUB-FM at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Cheri produced and...

  • Membership Coordinator

    Dashana joined WEKU in May, 2020 as Membership Coordinator.  She is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University and is also a United States Army Reserve Veteran. Dashana is excited to be part of the WEKU team.

  • Underwriting Coordinator

    Jeanne Marie has been WEKU's Underwriting Coordinator since 2018.  Jeanne Marie has been connected to Kentucky nonprofits for many years.  She has worked for Higher Education and Nonprofit Organizations including Hindman Settlement School,...

  • Engineer
  • Director & General Manager

    Mike Savage has worked in public radio for more than 25 years managing NPR stations in Georgia,  Illinois and Indiana.  Mike directs station operations, programming, news and fundraising.  He also serves as Acting News Director and hosts...

  • Jazz Classics Host

    Roger is the host of Jazz Classics on WEKU.

    Roger is mostly retired after many years in radio and tv broadcasting, starting in 1962.  He's lived in Kentucky most of his life, except for three years in Honolulu, Hawaii, in the Air Force. ...

  • Underwriting Voice

    Sally Evans is the voice of WEKU's underwriting messages.  She is a professional voice-over artist who provides audio for clients in Kentucky and across the country.  Sally has always loved public radio and says she is proud to be associated...

  • On Air Host /Traffic Coordinator

    Sam is WEKU's All Things Considered Host and also reports on news of interest in the Commonwealth.  She also is responsible for station traffic which includes scheduling of on-air underwriting messaages and station promos.  Sam is a graduate of...

  • Reporter

    Stu has been reporting for WEKU for more than 30 years.

  • Producer/Host

  • Production Coordinator/Host

    Wendy started her career at WEKU in 2001.  After leaving the station in 2007 she returned in 2017 and was named Production Coordinator in 2018 overseeing station content and operations.  Wendy also hosts Morning Edition.

  • Membership Director

    Wendy Wilkinson Ridout is WEKU's Membership Director.

    Wendy has worked in public media for more than 20 years.  She began her career in operations and hosting at WEKU.  She has worked in Membership in public radio and TV at Midwest...