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EKU Faces Tough Choices, $25 Million In Cuts


Eastern Kentucky University is facing $25 million in cuts and, as the Board of Regents heard Monday, every reduction reflects a difficult decision.

Vice President David McFadden said a committee has been meeting with groups across campus to make strategic cuts to meet the goal.

“From the SGA to every college, we have been across campus to have a broad dialogue,” he said. 

McFadden said the cuts will be targeted and “across the board” and will include some loss of faculty and staff.

Chairman of the Faculty Senate Matthew Winslow has been on those discussions. He said he can’t estimate how many people might be laid off but he says the impact will be significant.

“My guess is that every part of the campus will be cut at some level.”

There are no easy way to get the job done, he says. He said he didn't hear any of the plans for reductions and thought "that's a good idea."

Instead, he said, “at best there are some things that are not terrible.”

Winslow urged the board to make clear how the decisions were made and effectively communicate with people who will be losing their jobs.

The budget recommendations will be presented to the board in April and a committee to execute the plan will start work in May. 

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