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Religious Leaders Plan Weekly Frankfort Visits

Stu Johnson


Religious leaders from a number of Christian faiths gathered in Kentucky's capitol rotunda Tuesday.  They're planning weekly visits to Frankfort to spotlight issues and pray.


Kentucky Council of Churches Interim Director Peggy Hinds said For the next ten weeks, there will be “Prayer in Action Days” to focus on issues like workers’ rights, gun violence, and the environment.  Hinds said 11 Christian churches are being represented.  Hinds said the goal is to “let our legislators know that we will both pray for them and challenge them when we feel like they’re moving in the wrong direction on legislation,” Hinds.


Rev. Kent Gilbert of Berea’s Union Church said it's about seeking protections for the least, the lowest, and the last.  He added faith in God means action for people.  In addition to responsive prayer, Gilbert said participants will be asked to meet or send messages to lawmakers.


Chris Hartman, of the Kentucky Fairness Coalition, supports the campaign.  Hartman said a lot of the motivators for folks who are in favor of fairness issues and also opposed to them come from a faith perspective.  “We want to work to pass legislation that doesn’t further marginalize people, but opens and includes community in the way that Jesus and other faith leaders have done,” said Hartman.


Hinds told those gathered in the capitol they should be considered “pesky people of God.” ?

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