Phyllis Gibbs wasn’t sure until recently that she’d be here, just a few moments away from receiving a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

“Do you feel sick today?”

“Nope,” Gibbs said to the receptionist.

“And you give consent for Pfizer to give you a shot today, correct?”


Courtesy MSD

Kentucky’s oldest and largest wastewater treatment plant has plans to reuse the waste Louisville residents flush down the toilet thanks to a low-interest $97 million loan from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Scamming, in all of its forms, has certainly not taken a break during the coronavirus pandemic.  In fact, Heather Clary with the Better Business Bureau of Central and Eastern Kentucky said increased time on computers and phones may make people more vulnerable.

With a pause in the use of the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the Fayette County Health Department is moving fully to the Moderna product.  A renewed study of the J&J vaccine came amidst reports of rare blood clotting in six women. 

Brittany Patterson


In Central Appalachia an estimated 538,000 unplugged oil and gas wells and 853,393 acres of abandoned mine lands sit unreclaimed, often polluting the air and water, and presenting public safety threats.    

Governor Beshear

Employees from more than one state cabinet are working to get Kentuckians re-enlisted for unemployment benefits.  The need for the reset came following a four-day shutdown to tighten the computerized system against more sophisticated fraudsters.

Coronavirus vaccination within the Lexington's homeless population has gone well, according to the director of Lexington’s Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention. 

Polly Ruddick said the pause in the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is not a major factor because many sheltered and unsheltered already got the Moderna product.  Ruddick noted follow-up for the second booster dose was not a big issue. 

Eastern Standard for April 15, 2021

Apr 15, 2021

Poet Tina Parker discusses her haunting collection, "Lock Her Up" about the horrors of a late 19th century "lunatic asylum" in Marion, Virginia |  Rae Garringer's Criminal Justice Series: County jails still overcrowded with state prison overflow | Lexington Commercial Properties broker/manager Bob Cole updates us on how offices are changing, innovating to accommodate a covid-altered world | Southland's Tahlsound Music Festival is back for the summer of '21...and it's live and in-person. A conversation with organizer Chris Smith.


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Today she lives a quiet life in Lexington, but it hasn’t always been that way for Dr. Deborah Alexander. As a U.S. Foreign Service Advisor, she was one of the first civilians to enter Afghanistan with US troops in early 2002. WEKU’s Tom Martin gets her thoughts on President Biden’s decision to bring to a full stop 20-years of U.S. military involvement in a war that has taken the lives of 23-hundred American troops and cost 2-trillion dollars.

In a typical year, many Kentucky taxpayers would be scurrying to get their income tax returns off to the Internal Revenue Service Thursday.  But, as we all know, the last year has been anything but typical. 

Corinne Boyer


Election reform efforts to expand ballot access made little headway around the Ohio Valley, as only one state in the region made voting easier,according to a voting rights expert. 

Several state governments around the nation are making major changes to voting laws following the 2020 presidential election.  

Fayette County Public Schools

The search for a permanent schools’ superintendent for the state’s second largest school district is moving into a new stage.  A nationwide search is well underway. 

Longtime Lexington educator Marlene Helm stepped into the role as Fayette Schools Superintendent last December following the sudden death of Manny Caulk.  Board Chair Tyler Murphy says information from some 60 listening sessions continues to offer guidance in choosing a permanent superintendent.

Lexington is one step closer to becoming Kentucky’s third city to ban conversion therapy for minors.  The City Council Tuesday voted unanimously to move the ordinance forward for final consideration.

Chelsea Beck / NPR

President Biden is giving an address on plans to withdraw all remaining U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that prompted America's involvement in its longest war. Watch his remarks live today at 2:15 p.m. below.

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton has unveiled her budget suggestions for the upcoming fiscal year.  The mayor said this year’s document is quite different than the one offered up in 2020. 

Health and financial conditions are improving in the Lexington community. This time last year, the coronavirus was taking a big toll on the bluegrass. 

Corinne Boyer

One year into the pandemic, the restaurant industry in Kentucky is struggling with a labor shortage. In Lexington on Tuesday, restaurants and food distributors participated in a round table discussion with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles.

Ouita Michel is a chef and owns seven restaurants in central Kentucky. She said labor practices need to change to attract younger people to the industry.

Governor Andy Beshear

Tuesday afternoon Governor Andy Beshear announced 799 new cases of coronavirus in Kentucky, bringing the state total to 434,148.

Governor Beshear also announced 4 new deaths, bringing that total to 6,261.

The positivity rate is at 3.2% as of Tuesday afternoon.

Cheryl Gerber

State leaders around the Ohio Valley will temporarily have fewer doses of COVID-19 vaccine to distribute following the Food and Drug Administration’s decision Tuesday to pause the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Kentucky Pushes Pause On Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Apr 13, 2021
Governor Beshear

Kentucky has paused administration of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine statewide.  Governor Beshear made the announcement Tuesday in line with the recommendation from federal health officials. 

Six women have developed rare blood clots after getting the J&J shot.  Almost seven million J&J vaccinations have been administered in the U.S.  The governor admited this news could increase hesitancy in getting any coronavirus vaccine. 

Corinne Boyer


Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced that the state’s positivity rate is the highest it’s been in approximately a month — 3.16%.


“We’ve got to be watching that. We should be wary,” Beshear said. “We should see what’s going on in other states. We should get everyone out to get vaccinated.”

Fayette County Clerk's Office Opens To Foot Traffic This Week

Apr 12, 2021

The Fayette County Clerk’s office reopens to foot traffic this week.  It’s been closed to in-person business for several months due to the coronavirus activity. 

In-person transactions resume this Wednesday at the clerk’s Main Street office.  It will be open during the week from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.  State health guidelines will be followed, including social distancing and mask wearing.

The investigation continues into a fatal crash overnight on Lexington’s New Circle Road.  Police report an SUV traveling the wrong way on the divided highway collided with a police officer’s cruiser.

The 38-year- old female driver of the SUV was pronounced dead at the hospital.  The police officer remains hospitalized in serious condition.  Police don’t know why the SUV was heading in the wrong direction on the inner loop when the collision occurred between Harrodsburg and Nicholasville Roads. 

Lexington's East End Daffodil Drift Recognized

Apr 12, 2021
Stu Johnson

Lexington’s East End Neighborhood is showing off its daffodil drift as part of the America in Bloom program.  America In Bloom is a non-profit organization which promotes community enhancement through flowers, plants, and trees. 

Governor Andy Beshear

During Monday afternoon’s coronavirus update Governor Andy Beshear announced 270 new cases of coronavirus in Kentucky, bringing the state total to 433,352.

Governor Beshear also announced 7 new deaths, bringing that total to 6,257.

The positivity rate is at 3.16% as of Monday afternoon.

You can watch a recording of Monday’s update below.

Red Barn Radio Live: Letters of Acceptance

Apr 12, 2021
Letters of Acceptance / Facebook

Letters of Acceptance is a group based in Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky. It began years ago as a series of unfinished recordings and occasional collaborations between Clinton Harlin Newman (Bird of Youth, Mendoza Line) and John Harlan Norris (Harlan).

Spring is the time of year when county humane societies often see an uptick in kittens.  What many might consider a natural tendency when it comes to litter discoveries, may need a second thought. 

Finding a litter of kittens outdoors may lead the discoverer to first think of taking them to a nearby animal shelter.  But, Floyd County Animal Care Giver Jackie Brown said mom may just be away hunting for food.  Taking the litter to a shelter, even with mom, could simply add to the caring load at the humane society and stress the animals. 

Eastern Standard Preview

Apr 12, 2021

County jails still overcrowded with state prison overflow | Poet Tina Parker discusses her new release, "Lock Her Up." | How offices are changing, innovating to accommodate a covid-altered world | Tahlsound returns - live. Conversation with Chris Smith, organizer of the annual summer music festival.

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First term Lexington Council Member David Kloiber  has won committee approval to look for additional ways to address gentrification concerns.  Kloiber’s resolution calls on the Planning Division to use all tools to tackle housing scarcity, which could include a quicker review of the city’s comprehensive plan. 

Katie Myers


Elaine Tanner lives with her life partner, Jimmy Hall, at the head of Mill Creek in Letcher County, Kentucky. Jimmy is a sixth-generation Letcher Countian, and the land is his family land. Together, they like to roll around on their property on their ATV. But lately, Tanner’s spent more time searching for signs of damage than having fun. That’s what she was doing on Thursday morning — investigating her mountain. 

“A few days ago,” she said, “the rains came and the mountain busted open.”

Governor Andy Beshear

Friday afternoon Governor Andy Beshear announced 744 new cases of coronavirus in Kentucky, bringing the state total to 432,220.

Governor Beshear also announced 9 new deaths, bringing that total to 6,223.

The positivity rate is at 2.79% as of Friday afternoon.