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Appalachian Opportunity Zone Could Benefit Historic Theater


Officials with the state economic development cabinet Thursday announced $1.3 million in funding for establishing the Appalachian Opportunity Zone Initiative

One project in Owsley County could benefit from the designation.  Sue Christian is among those working to see the Seale Theater refurbished and re-opened.

“There wasn’t enough hands on deck to really kind of like push these projects that are in eastern Kentucky as much as they would like to, so that funding is actually going to, not necessarily help us directly but indirectly with kind of getting somebody, boots on the ground,” explained Christian.

Christian said the Seale Theater opened in 1948.  It closed in 1985 and fell into disrepair.  Christian hopes a brownfield grant can be secured to help with the cleanup.  If all goes well, Booneville residents could see a renovated theater opening in about two years.?

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