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Feedback on Grammar, Thanks for Story on Muslims in Our Community

Here’s an email from Elaine in Lexington,  “When I moved to Kentucky from Ohio, I determined not to acquire a southern accent. To this purpose, I listened to NPR for good pronunciation and grammar."

Elaine continues, "I realize that language will change over time with usage. However, I have heard intelligent commentators use the singular ‘There is’ and especially ‘There's’ with plural objects such as ‘There's people’.

This grates on my nerves and if they think ahead a bit, they will know when the object requires a plural verb. 

It might also be preferable to replace, ‘There's a lot’, with, ‘There are many’.

Also, radio reporters need to be aware that listeners often turn on the radio in the middle of a story. 

They should address the person they are interviewing by name frequently; also refer to the actual subject often rather than referring to "it".

In reference to Eastern Standard, I take Barack Obama's model of moving forward, measuring responses to specific Trump regime actions, speaking up when concerns arise about freedom and voting rights.  Thank you for bringing us the news and much more."

And from the Comment Line, a listener choosing to remain anonymous,“I just wanted to thank you for Cheri Lawson’s report this morning giving voice to Muslims in our community regarding Mr. Trump’s presidency.

They are an integral part of our very community here.  They are our neighbors and it’s so nice to have their voices heard. Thank you so much.  It’s very important.”

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