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Feedback: Trump Tweets not News, Not Happy with Prairie Home or Ask Me Another

Here’s an email from Chris, in Berea, “One morning last week, you shared a tweet from Donald Trump as if it were news regarding how he had helped a Ford plant not leave Louisville.   Trump’s tweet, however, was quickly shown to be incorrect."   

Chris continues, "The chairman at Ford had shared that no job would ever be moved from the Louisville, even if a particular model of car might be made elsewhere.   The only fact is that Donald Trump took credit where none was due.   Donald Trump’s claims have to be verified because he operates through hyperbole, falsehood, and innuendo.  Please do your job as journalists and verify. Otherwise, such falsehoods come be seen as the truth.”

Here’s a note from Alyce. First, “Why do some announcers say “Kentuck” and not “Kentucky?” Second, she says, “Puleeese do not Ask me another again.  It is slow, boring, and dull-witted.”

And, finally from Alyce, “I’m so disappointed that Prairie Home Companion is still on the air.  The replacement is worse than the other one which was bad enough, and having it come on twice in the weekend only adds insult to injury.  It is mundane, inane, and obtuse.  At least please get something good for one of those weekend slots.”

Here’s a voicemail from another listener who is not a fan of Ask Me Another, “Kind of began lame and amateurish and hasn’t improved any. So I’d love to see a more NPR-ish type program in that time slot. Thank you.”

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