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Feedback: Thanks for What We Do, Taking Break From Politics, Still Not Liking Ask Me Another

Here’s a message from Paul left this week on the Listener Comment Line, “I like your website and the stories of the day. I particularly like reading about people voting for the coal industry. I know that’s controversial but it’s an important story.”

Paul continues, “Thank you, brothers and sisters for what you all are doing up there for the country and your work to get by and survive.”

By email, we received this note from listener Bill, in Lexington, “I listened more carefully than usual to "Ask Me Another" this afternoon.  It is amazingly trite. I know that many other subscribers share my view. Please continue on your quest to find a replacement.”

Marlene sent a message via Facebook, “I just want to thank you for Terry Grose on FRESH AIR at 3:00 each day. Since the election shock, I've had to curtail radio listening, but I tune in to hear her at 3:00. Let me know when other non-political programs are on....”

I wrote to her with some suggestions, focusing mainly on our weekend entertainment shows.

In a Friday tweet, Jason wrote “Please change your story re: Trump’s tweet about Ford. They weren’t leaving Kentucky.”  

Not sure what Jason heard but, as far as I can tell, all the versions of that story that we read from Associated Press were clear that Ford was NOT planning to leave the state.

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