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Feedback About Preemptions, Related Issues Re: Political Coverage

From the Listener Comment Line, a call from Dan in Lexington about the fact that we chose to, once again, preempt Performance Today on Wednesday evening, the day after the Election.  

Dan says, “You have all day to have talk radio, which I don’t listen to because of the music that’s no longer during the day. Looking forward to hearing the music at night, and I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about this.  The election is over now and you’ve had all day to talk about it and you’ve got all day tomorrow and the rest of the week. But let’s not encroach on the classical music programming in the evenings for it.”

In a similar vein, a tweet from Louis, “Can’t believe you took off Performance Today for this political fear-mongering.”

For Dan, Louis, and all the many fans of Performance Today, we sincerely apologize for the disruptions that the party conventions, primaries and the general election have created this year. I can assure that we are looking forward right now to a long period of time when such coverage will not be necessary.

Politics was the subject of other tweets this week as well, for example one in reaction to our news story, EKU Prof Assesses Voters’ Thought Process, from Christopher, “I’m curious whether or not it’s the length of the cycle itself or just society not doing their job to stay informed or (a) mix.”

Matthew responded, “Mix, certainly. Casting about for answers at this point. Rage and fear blinding me. Plus bourbon.”

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