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Feedback on Citizen/Police Interaction, Drone Update, Mobile Streaming

In response to our story,  Lexington Police to Provide Suggestions on Citizen Interaction with Officers, Tammie writes, “Wow - so now we need to be trained on how to act in an encounter with LEO's?"
Tammie continues,  "It shouldn't be that complicated, because not many of the general public are going to study up. Is it now on the public to keep themselves from being mistreated or shot in such an encounter, instead of the responsibility of the PEACE officer?

Unless you require mandatory training for the public, might I suggest you use the limited time during which officers are trained to train them how to calmly and responsibly conduct those interactions? On de-escalation skills and conflict management? On the legally-viable reasons for using lethal force? Seriously.”

Last week’s Focus on Business report  Chris Stiles on Drone Delivery, received a comment from the Remote Pilot Network, saying, ” Great interview thank you for helping broaden the Unmanned Systems topic in our region.”

The writer went on to offer some clarifications about pilots of such aircraft which you can find with the story post on our website at www.WEKU.fm.

We have had a couple more comments about the streaming link not working on mobile devices.  In addition to the extra links we had posted, there is a “fix” in place that should cause the proper streaming buttons to work right now.

Please let us know if they are not yet working.  We do understand that the people who provide this service for us are still working on a permanent repair.

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