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Feedback on Safe Spaces, Proposed EKU Academic Cuts

We solicit comments regarding all of our programming at WEKU but this week, I have a few directed specifically at our public affairs call-in show Eastern Standard. 

These are tweets that didn’t make it to the air following our August 18th show on Safe Spaces on Campus.

First, from Lee Ann, reacting to a remark I made while formulating a question for the guests:

“To compare a "man cave" to a Safe Space from intolerance, oppression or harassment is completely inappropriate and insensitive.”

From Brent, “I feel this inhibits students own ability to handle stressors in life. There’s going to be situations where you can’t run to a safe space.”

A Twitter user calling himself Exodus, wrote, “I'm confused. Is the Black Cultural Center not a safe place because whites are allowed to be there?”

In reaction to our news story on the website and social media headlined, EKU Regents Consider Suspending Academic Programs, Justin tweeted,  “I really hate to hear the journalism department is on the chopping block due to budget cuts.”

On Facebook, Trevor made a similar comment, “Journalism? I'm kind of surprised to see that one on the list. Sad.”

Just so you know, we’re getting ready for the fall fund drive, beginning late next month. We’ll be looking forward to your comments when you make your pledge, or you can send them along right now

Write to us any time at: WEKU@eku.edu, post on Facebook or send a tweet @889weku or leave a voice message at 859-622-1657. You can also call 800-621-8890 and follow the instructions you will get.

Then tune in for Listener Feedback again next Monday morning at 6:49 or 8:49 or at 5:33 in the afternoon during All Things Considered on 88-9 WEKU.

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