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Feedback: "Boring" 2:00 pm Show and Hazard Hiccups

We received a call Monday from a listener choosing to remain anonymous. She told us, “I moved here in May of this year.  Your station is the only station I’ve found that I could listen to and enjoy and today is the first day I’ve had a complaint."

 The caller went on,  "It’s now about 2:25 and I’ve listened to your station all day long and, just a little while ago, you had a person on who was just the most boring person to listen to.  If he said “ya know,” once, he said it a hundred times  and I don’t know how long he was on because I couldn’t stand listening to him another second and I turned it off.”

This call came from Randy in Hindman, Kentucky. “I just want to know when you’re going to fix your station.  It staggers through every program, repeating and skipping, repeating words and it’s been going on for the last four months.”

Randy is referring to digital “stutter” we’ve been experiencing at times on 90.9 WEKH in Hazard.  The station is already crippled with very low-power due to the failure of our

Main transmitter at the site last summer.  Apparently what listeners are hearing is related to problems with the internet service at the site.  We’re looking into it…while we continue making plans to get the signal back to full power out of Hazard.

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