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Feedback: Hazard Tower Work, Reactions to Eastern Standard on Religion & Medicine

First up, an announcement regarding technical matters.  For the next few weeks, we are likely to have outages on 90.9 WEKH out of Hazard as a result of tower work being done by our “landlord” KET. 

These outages will happen during daylight hours, on days when weather permits work on the tower and they are unavoidable due to the nature of the work as a matter of safety for the tower crews.

You’ll find more information on the WEKU Facebook page and at WEKU dot FM.

We had some responses to last week’s Eastern Standard show on conflicts between religion and medical science. Both posted on the website at WEKU dot FM.

First up, from Ken , “As a former Christian Scientist whose 9-year-old sister died from treatable pneumonia while our parents refused to seek medical care and instead relied on CS prayer, I find the Church's refusal to engage in this discussion cowardly. The statement from the Church that the moderator read on the air is a relatively recent stance the Church has taken to protect itself from legal prosecutions and lawsuits."

Ken continues, "If the Church is so neutral on whether or not a member seeks medical care, they why has it spent decades lobbying the federal and state governments for special exemptions for its members to withhold medical treatment and just use prayers instead?"

He adds, "On another point, I wish Dr. Rosenthal had been asked if she supported the kinds of changes in the laws and Dr. Swan and Dr. Offit argue for."

This comment came from Marion,  "John Hingsbergen was well prepared for this important discussion. The choice of the Christian Science church representative to side-step this opportunity to defend the church's stand in opposition to medical care raises questions about its ability to defend the position that is central to the faith.”

We’re interested in your feedback.  Write to us at any time at WEKU@eku.edu or call 859-622-1657.  You can also post on the WEKU Facebook page or send a tweet @889weku.

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