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Feedback: Creationist Unchallenged and Forecast Misses the Mark

The discussion of creationism vs. evolution from our January 30th Eastern Standard show received yet another response that I feel we need to share, even though the listener who left the message did not leave her name or contact information. She wrote, “I just wanted to register my displeasure with the speaker of the creationist worldview being allowed to go unchallenged in his comparison of non-creationist scientists with racist police officers.  The only challenge came from your other guest who said that he’s accusing other scientists of conspiracy.”

Here’s an email we received during the last week of January from Elizabeth, “We live in Bledsoe, Harlan County.  Schools let out early, the roads are snow covered and it is snowing really hard.  Your weather report for southeast Kentucky for this evening was way off.  Do you have weather reporters around here to keep you informed?  I will be putting your number in my phone, it is really dangerous out this evening.  We easily have 1 1/2 inches already.”

Just for the record, I did write back to her with an apology saying, it is likely that we looked at the forecasts for Lexington and Central Kentucky and failed to see and include the detail for her area. Also, the fact is, we do not have reporters across the state relaying weather information.  We rely completely on the National Weather Service for forecast information but we do need to keep our eyes on all the areas served by the WEKU stations.  Thanks for that reminder.

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