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Feedback: Reaction to Program on Creationism, Need Balanced Reporting

Last week’s Eastern Standard show generated a lot of interest, both during the show and with Feedback before and after. The show dealt with issues raised by this week’s debate between Bill Nye, “The Science Guy” and the founder of the Creation Museum.

Ted, a research psychologist, wrote, “Overall, I think you gave the Creationists yet one more forum for their disruptive tactics."

Ted went on, "Perhaps more importantly, I think you did not hold the debaters to the principal question: 'Is teaching creation to children harmful to them and to our society?' I think the biggest failure with your program was the absence of a definition of the parameters of this question, in advance.  What you ended up with was a repetition of the same sort of useless debates that have been taking place around our nation for decades.”

From Tim, “Thanks for the good program with Mortenson (Terry Mortenson of the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis) and Phelps (Daniel Phelps, Daniel J. Phelps, founder and President of the Kentucky Paleontological Society) this morning. It is too bad Phelps will not take up the challenge of a public debate with Mortenson.  It is the very thing he was doing on your program.  I commend Nye for at least trying.”

On another topic completely, Michael wrote, “Your story about three people in the Lexington Mayor's race was poor journalism in my opinion. You talked about the current Mayor, Jim Gray, and gave a sound clip about creating jobs. You talked about the former police chief, Anthony Beatty, and gave a sound clip stating that he disagreed with Jim Gray on a number of things (we didn't hear what).

And then you said the third candidate was an associate professor of English at Bluegrass Community College. And you didn't even give his name! I would like to see more equal treatment and impartiality. Talk about them in equal amounts of time, please.”

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